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Kentucky Census Records

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Ky Census

About the Site

As we continue to build the site the following options will be available to help in your search.

  • Use the search option top of the page or in the sidebar to search and find information for your ancestor.
  • You can search by full name, Birth Date (within +/- 2 years of Birth).
  • Search by County, Page number (Use Pg and the page number as one word), search by Precinct Name and any other combination of search terms.
  • When you arrive on the destination of your search each page has individual listings of households with the head of the household in bold print for each household.
  • To view the original census record, click on the thumbnail photo of the record and the document will appear as a full page view.
  • To zoom in on a desktop, click the image once to see the transcriptions in more detail.
  • On mobile use your finger zoom.
  • A link is posted on each census page to an article that tells what is recorded on each census year and a brief description as to why it is recorded.
  • A description for each census year is available to help to understand more of what information is available on each document.
  • The information available is an interpretation by what is viewed by a volunteer.
  • A person who is knowledgeable about a certain family can see what the correct spelling should be if it needs corrected.
  • We believe this is a better system to have accurate information than by using a computerized app to decipher.
  • If you see and know that information needs to be corrected please let us know in one of our Social Media Groups..